What is an e-bike charger?

An e-bike charger is a device that allows you to recharge the battery of your electric bicycle (e-bike). It converts electrical energy from a standard wall outlet into the appropriate voltage and current required to charge your e-bike's battery.

How long does it take to charge an e-bike battery with a standard charger?
Can I use any SANS charger to charge my e-bike battery?
Can I charge my e-bike battery with a portable charger while on the go?
Is it safe to leave my e-bike battery connected to the charger after it's fully charged?
Can I use a higher-rated charger to charge my e-bike battery faster?
What should I do if my e-bike charger or battery is damaged or not working correctly?
Can I charge my e-bike battery with a solar charger or power bank?
Are e-bike chargers interchangeable between different e-bike brands and models?
How can I determine the charging status of my e-bike battery while it's connected to the charger?

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